“San Juan Oaks Has Soul, Part II” ~ Learn to focus on color and space.
“San Juan Oaks Has Soul, Part I” ~ Shadows are lighter than you think.  Learn how to see and paint the nuances in shadows.
“This Vision Has Soul” ~ Children create fearlessly and with great passion.  Learn how to connect with your inner child and paint a scene from your imagination.
“This Room Has Soul” ~ You’ll learn about lost edges and low key painting in this interior scene.
“This Pineapple Has Soul” ~ You’ll see the abstract in this realistic pineapple.  This is a great one to try at home.
“This Sock Monkey Has Soul, Part III” ~ In the final part, Shannon adds the finishing touches to the painting while talking about composition form and color.
“This Sock Monkey Has Soul, Part II” ~ Shannon continues this spirited Sock Monkey Mini Series and further develops the work.
April “This Sock Monkey Has Soul, Part I” ~ A still-life is begun of a sock monkey and his duck companion.  Shannon instructs in the art of creating form with paint as well as the art of not taking yourself too seriously.
“These Chaps Have Soul” ~ Shannon tells the story of cowboy and artist while painting his chaps.
“This Red Hat Has Soul” ~ Everyone loves the red hat! Now, you can see how it’s created!
“This Rosette Has Soul” ~ Watch a portion of a ceiling rosette come to life in this spirited episode.