Crack Yourself Up!

Hello Shannon,

I just wanted to compliment you on a Great Show! I had never seen your art show before. I recently discovered it on SGTV and I pick it up in Kissimmee, FL.

I truly enjoy the fact that the episode that I saw was not limited to a half hour program. You may or may not remember the episode but it involved a lot of green, two small cows and one large somewhat purple cow.

Your sense of humor was captivating as you were cracking up over various aspects of your work during the show. You even advised the viewer to be sure to Crack yourself up as you paint. I took that to mean that we should truly enjoy what we are doing and have fun looking for the silliness in life. I Crack myself up all the time?

I am a choir director and singer that is also a columnist for a major hobby publication. I get a kick out of all that I do and I really enjoyed seeing that you got a kick out of your art during the production of your show.

I hope to catch more of your productions. So far, the cows and a show of you painting your golf club buddy are ones that I’ve seen.

Anyway, once again, GREAT SHOW!

Have Fun and Thanks,
Bill O’Rourke

Fun, Approachable, Engaging!

“SGTV is pleased to offer “Give Your Walls Some Soul” to our viewers. This program offers an entertaining and instructional hour designed to encourage people to explore their creative side. Shannon Grissom’s personality is fun, approachable and engaging, and her talent and skills as an artist are communicated to the viewer in a breezy and enjoyable manner.”

Shannon Is Just Plain Fun!

Host and artist Shannon Grissom keeps you laughing as she inspires you to create. Artists and non-artists alike are tuning in because Shannon is just plain fun. During the course of an hour, Shannon turns a blank canvas and a phrase in to something that engages the viewer. Filmed live to tape, the show is fresh and the energy level is high. This format allows the audience to participate in the creative process. People are tuning in not just to learn to paint but to get their “Shannon Fix.”

Jan Janes



Keep ‘Em Coming!

Thank you for the two new episodes. Definitely keep us on your mailing list, as we want to continue to run your show as long as you are producing it.

Upbeat, Encouraging, Entertaining!

“Shannon Grissom is obviously an accomplished artist, but the power of her personality provides an upbeat, encouraging, and entertaining instructional program the demystifies the painting process. It is very satisfying to air such a quality show for our community.”

Inspired Me To Paint!

“I was so inspired by Shannon’s enthusiasm ad encouragement that at the age of 80, I decided to take up painting.”